Hausser Food Company

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  • Published : August 11, 2012
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● Brenda Cooper → South-eastern Regional Sales Manager (Jefa de ventas de la Región Sudeste) for the HFP. ● Her concern: their current methods of selling products are not adequate. 1)Background: (Antecedentes):

● HFP: was a leading producer and marketer of infant foods in the U.S. (era un destacado productor y vendedor de comida infantil en Estados Unidos). It maintained a market share of aprox. 60%. ● Its products line included: strained (triturada/machacada) or partially strained or chopped (picado/cortado en trozos pequeños) meats, fruits and combination dishes. ● HFP owned its production and warehousing (almacenamiento) facilities. Its distribution network provided (proveía/suministraba) direct delivery (entrega/reparto). ● Its clients: major (principales) food chains and institutions for children. ● In the 1980s and 1990s, HFP had to face (tuvo que enfrentarse) a greatly changing market for infant foods. New conditions: decrease in the birth date (tasa de natalidad), the concern about food additives and increase of competition (competencia ≠ competence = capacidad, aptitud, competencia). ● First problems in HFP: drop (caída) in the growth of sales, great drop in earnings (ingresos) and an unused (sin usar, desaprovechada) plant (maquinaria) and warehouse (almacén) capacity. ● The top management of HFP was looking for ways to stimulate demand for HFP products and to find other products to develop and market. 2)The Marketing Organization: (look Exhibit 1)

● President HFP.
● Vice President: Marketing function. He reported to the President. ● Five functional directors reporting to the Vice President: - Market Planning (Planificación de Mercado) Director.
- Martet Research (Estudio de Mercado) Director.
- Sales Promotion (Promoción Comercial/de Ventas) Director. - Advertising (Publicidad) Director.
- Sales (Departamento de Ventas) Director. He was responsable for HFP sales nationwide (a nivel nacional)....
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