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Mid Assignment

Hausser Food Product

1.Using whatever concepts, frameworks, or ideas you think are applicable, explain why the Florida sales team is withholding information about a new market opportunity from regional and corporate sales management? a.Expectancy theory of motivation Hausser Food. Employees and organization both of them have expectation and needs. Organization have expectation to their employees through target. Employees have expectation to the organization or company through their reward if they can reach or above the target. In this point of view The employees of Florida team are feel under rewarded which although they have high E to P that have good P to O outcomes (10 % higher or above the target) the company doesn’t give any reward that suit them. But also the company just wanna take their rights to get some bonus or their check away but Jay makes sure that they can get their bonus, year in and year out. We can see from the research when talk to Alby. So the company doesn’t appreciate or support the employees performance so why they must support information to the company? They prefer to withholding information and do just 10 percent above the target although they can get better performance or outcome. b.From the Hausser Food Product case we found that the company have a very bad deal in Goal Setting and Feedback. The company always set for higher goal whenever the team exceeds the target. We can see from the research when talk to Neil about the company of Hausser Food Product. He says that “The company is out to screw the salespeople. Up in Atlanta and New York, all they are concerned about is the numbers, meeting the plan no matter what. The Worst thing is if you work hard, meet the plan, and then keep going so you can earn some decent money. Then they go and change the plan next year. They increase the sales quota so that you have to work harder just to earn the same money! It just...
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