Haunted Houses in America

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  • Published : August 19, 2010
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Haunted Houses in America
Have you ever passed through a house and heard some loud screams and noticed some unusual moving figure? You must have heard about different kind of stories about the haunted houses in America. If no, then read about some real haunted house stories that are actually real as the stories are told by witness. These stories are about haunted mansions from where people have heard dread sounds and have seen strange visions. If you are planning to visit one of these houses with your friends then get to know the best ways to protect yourself from any kind of danger. Top 3 Haunted Houses

* Winchester Mystery House
This house is all about Sarah L. Winchester, who began a big construction project back in 1884. The house was built of such magnitude that the workers like carpenters and craftsmen died until Sarah was alive. Sarah used to get very distressed in those times and consulted one of the spiritualists. She was told that there are many ghosts in the spiritual world who have been killed by her husband. These ghosts could do very bad to her and the only way to get away with this is to build a strange warren-like house in an effort to trap the ghosts. It has doors which are very small in size and open to nowhere, stairs that ends up to the ceiling and windows that opens to other rooms. It is known that Mrs. Winchester was a smart lady and she built the house with latest technology products e.g rooms with gas lighting, rainwater recycling system etc. The house is one of its kind as the most haunted house as since Mrs. Winchester's death, many psychic have been seeing red balls of light that glow and fade and feeling cold spots. Winchester Mystery House

525 South Winchester Boulevard
San Jose, California

* Congelier House

This house was once known as the most haunted house of America. The story of this haunted house revolves around Charles Congelier, his wife Lyda and a servant girl named Essie. It all went bad when in 1871,...
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