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Haunted House

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It was a blustery autumn afternoon .Connor and Sam was playing down by the running stream. The wind was howling, the trees were swaying and the brown crispy leaves were dancing around them. Connor and Sam were the best of friends and always played well together. Connor had big hazel brown eyes that showed his strength of character and is personality gazed through .His hair was hair was chestnut brown and he always wore it extremely ruffled. He looked much older than is twelve years. Sam was more of a follower and quite happy to go along with Connor has a result he always ended up in trouble. Sam had the most amazing striking luminous blue eyes and wore round spectacles, but frequently removed these and waved them around when he spoke. His hair was strawberry blonde and was kept neat at all times. This specific day Connor wanted to cross the running stream and see what laired behind the huge hill. Sam felt anxious about this. The hill was very steep and rocky, not much grassland to be seen. They were fighting against the gusty air, which was forcing them back down the hill. Has they reached the top of the hill; there stood an abandoned house. Among giant trees, walls were chocked by weeds and grass. The leaves that surrounded it smelled like fungus and autumnal moisture, waiting for sunlight to dry up its ravaged and rotted being. The air was damp and the daylight was discoloured, almost grey. Has they walked up the cobbled path they could feel the unevenness beneath them, this felt smooth in contrast to the crunching of the odd dead leave they had just stood on. Moss and vines slithered up the face of the house like a thousand snakes engulfing a small animal. They reached the huge wooden door, which was jagged with splinters pointing out; cobwebs were in all the corners. The creak of the doors echoed around them as they opened it. Beams of dim lights shined through the two cracked windows the other eight were blocked by boards. The dust floating in the air was...
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