Hatshepsut vs Ramses Ii

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  • Published : November 1, 2012
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RamsesII V.S Hatshepsut
P = 6 Ms. Fiorante

RamsesII: The great pharaoh
1279 B.C – 1213 B.C
Hatshepsut: The first women pharaoh
1479 B.C – 1457 B.C

If someone were to ask me to name a famous pharaoh of ancient Egypt, some of the names that would come to mind would be Hatshepsut & Ramses II. Why would these names cup up in my mind it’s because Hatshepsut was the first women pharaoh. Next, Ramses II came up to my mind because he was buried with most of his items. If you wonder what is RamsesII of Hatshepsut .I recommend you to sit back and read on. I sure you will find your answer. Body#1 Hatshepsut

Hatshepsut was famous for many things. Do you know why she is famous well if you don’t know its okay? She was the first women pharaoh!!! Hatshepsut was willing to even wear man clothing and a false beard so the Egyptian people take her seriously. Also, Hatshepsut increased trade too. She dies in the year 1457 B.C, no one knows how she really dies but it was between murders or died of old age. The cause of us not knowing how she dies was, because ThumoseIII trying to erase the name in history but it was a fail. Body#2 RamsesII

RamsesII was famous for many things. Do you know why he is famous well if you don’t know its okay? He was a Great War leader!!! RamsesII defeated 40,000 Hittites. Also, RamsesII sign the peace treaty with the Hittites until his death. Legend says that he had 100 children. He die in the year 1213B.C, he die at the age 86. RamsesII was a great leader. Body#3 My Pharaoh

Who is the better pharaoh for me you may ask. Well for me I think it will be Hatshepsut. Well I chose Hatshepsut because she is a lady. Also, she increase & trade with order tribes. Lastly she is willing to do many thing for the people take her seriously .concluding Hatshepsut is a better leader for me. Conclusion

Today we learn about two pharaohs Hatshepsut & RamsesII. Examples, Hatshepsut was the first women...
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