Hatian Revolution Dbq

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DBQ Haitian Revolution
Though before their revolution Haiti was an economically successful colony, trade embargoes placed during and after led to its steady economic decline. The Haitian revolution was inspired by French enlightenment ideas acquired by free gens de coleur. Throughout and after the revolution as they became more autonomic, they granted themselves these rights, though suffered the loss of international contact. Before the revolution, Haiti was struggling for freedom of authority from the French, and gained just that as the revolution progressed and after the revolution.

Before the revolution, Haiti was an extremely successful French sugar plantation colony. As the revolution progressed, however, their financial successes began to diminish. According to Douglas Egerton, Thomas Jefferson had an embargo placed upon Haiti, hoping that it would decrease influence of revolt upon the United States’ slaves. In 1806, “trade was formally shut down between the United States and Haiti, which decimated the already very weak Haitian economy.” Professor Egerton is most likely an objective and trustworthy source, being a history professor at Le Moyne College. Haiti only produced cash crops, and once cut off from all possible traders, they had no source of income, leading to a striking economic downturn. To this day, Haiti has remained an economically instable nation, which is a direct result of their early economic restrictions. Once having a successful economy, Haiti lost their income through the duration of the revolution with embargoes and limited trade.

Ideas of freedom were acquired by free colored people when France sent them to fight in the British colonial battles, which influenced revolt upon Haitians. This led to a desire for enlightenment ideas such as equal rights and abolition of slavery. Historian Mark Almond states that as the French fought the Haitians, the latter sang the French Marsellaise. This led French officers such as Lacroix to wonder...
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