Hatfields and Mccoys

Topics: Hatfield-McCoy feud, Devil Anse Hatfield, Kill Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: June 30, 2012
Kaleigh Rapuano
June 17, 2012
Greg Malloy
Hatfields and McCoys
My observation is based on the television mini-series ‘Hatfields and Mccoys’. This is a true story of two families in the late 1800s that had animosity between each other and how their animosity led to many deaths, a battle, and eventually a spot in history. Both sides take pride in their family and both families stand up for what they believe to be right. In the beginning I thought they were all very close knit and I liked that about their families. Their feud began when the patriarch of both families were off at war and Devil Anse Hatfield left the war in the middle of the night after trying to convince Randall McCoy to come with him. McCoy, doing the honorable thing refused and stayed to fight in the war, he was held a POW for an undisclosed amount of time. When he returned home he had a hatred for Devil Anse Hatfield for leaving the war. This set the two families apart from each other. The good thing that I can find in this is that both families are so tight knit that no matter what they instantly supported each other’s decisions. My family is also like that, if there is anyone in the world that should have your back it is your family and mine does. My family believes in putting God first and everything else will fall in line. The Hatfields and the McCoys however, did not. They both believed in God and prayed but to me it wasn’t Christianity, it was more like a mix of Christianity and secular humanism. I say this because eventually the families took the matter in their own hands and started ‘revenge killing’ each other. There were so many Hatfields and McCoys that they basically took turns killing each other; a Hatfield would kill a McCoy and another McCoy would kill him to avenge his relative only to be killed by another Hatfield who was avenging the prior, a vicious cycle. This demonstrates secular humanism to me because they are living by the rule of ‘if it feels right to you...
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