Hate Speech in Turkish Media

Topics: Hrant Dink, Armenian Genocide, Agos Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Hate Speech in Turkish Media and Samples from Turkey
Hate speech causes polarization and discrimination due to difference of race, gender, age, nation, religion or sexual orientation etc. Media is most influential way to speeds up for hate speech. In my point of view, Hate speech humiliates and threats to people and media spreads all these threats and humilations. First of all, Hate speech relates the difference and power. It causes to polarization with many reasons in Turkish society due to hate speech subjects. Fact is thirty-six different races live in Turkey. These races remain under pressure when media and politicians comment on their differences because differences cause polarization and discrimination besides media speeds up it. In addition, There are many basic sample which have lived in Turkey. Nationalism is politic view but some media organizations and politicians use it for the discrimination in Turkey. Kurdish society is biggest minority in Turkey. This minority has a intention such as establish a new state in Turkey. Therefore, Some media organizations broadcasts and publishes about it. Also, Some nationalist politicians speaks it. These publications and speeches cause to hate speech. There are many news about the discrimination due to nationalism can be seen in Turkish media. In this point, I can say that Hate speech supports a discrimination and media speed up this process. What is more, second example is about the Hrant Dink’s murder which published in Turkish media. Hrant Dink is editor who worked in Agos Newspaper. He is killed by Yasan Hayal. Hayal is prisoner and he is in jail, now. In the during of the his court, He said that “I don’t know to Hrant Dink as well but I readed from the newspapers. He was enemy of the Turkish. He supports to the Armenian Genocide. Therefore, I killed him.” As it saw, Media spreads to hate speech. It speeds up to process. After the provocative news, There is such an event can be seen. To sum up, Hate speech...
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