Hate Speech in Turkey

Topics: Turkey, Istanbul, Kurdish people Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Hate Speech in Turkey
Hate speech is threat which is about race, gender, age, nation, religion or sexual orientation. It humiliates or threats to people. Interesting one is that people do it and it affects to people. Another hate speech’s subjects are language, political views, socio-economic status and social class, appearance, physical or mental disability, etc. Many different reasons cause to polorization in Turkey’s people due to hate speech’s subjects. Therefore, If someone has a diffrent race in Turkey who is from minority. They are called as ‘Others’. Another fact is thirty-six different races in Turkey. These races remain under pressure when media and politicians comment on this subject. If we come to reasons of media and politicians – these are usually caused by minority. Biggest minority is Kurdish people in Turkey. Demographic changes, economic, social and cultural clashes which lived in Turkey caused increasing of tension between of races in Turkey. Best example is news about Turkish and Kurdish nationalism on media. Some of the Kurdish groups is doing discrimination works for establish a different state in Turkey. That action is a terrorism which is trying to seperate our country. That action usually realizes with an armed attack and supports with hate speech. That is a reason why We have some problems at South-East Anatolia Area in Turkey. In this point, I can say that Hate speech supports a discrimination. That is a problem which is ongoing day by day. I will be able to say that Turkey government try to solve this issue which is preparing new constitution. Media is one of most influential conductors. It shows us that Power of media works for putting forward to diversity and difference as well as spreading to this conflict and trivializing. It will support discrimination if Media works as unresponsible and careless. Worst one is that Media can support people for racist behaviors, fighting with each others. Also, Media can confirm that as a right...
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