Hate Groups

Topics: Ku Klux Klan, Racism, White supremacy Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: October 30, 2010
The internet has made a new way for people to communicate. It has been very good for many things but also bad for some. Good in the way that you can pretty much look for information about anything and watch videos, listen to music, see pictures and many more things. But bad in the way that people have made websites that are called “Hate Groups”. The goal of hate groups is to discriminate against people who are from another religion, country etc.

Hate groups in the internet started in 1995. It was started by Don Black who was a leader of the Ku Klux Klan. He had been in federal prison for two years for hatching a violent, white supremacist plot. While Black was in prison he had learned how to use computers and when he was let free, he began the hate group and it was called Stormfront.

Black said that “there is potential here to reach millions” and he also thought that the internet was a major breakthrough. These websites were composed of hateful words and images which could lead to hateful actions and violence. Some sites even used the internet to directly threaten their enemies with violence. In Philadelphia a neo-nazi skinhead posted threats against two government officials and said that “traitors like this should beware, for in our day, they will be hung from the neck from the nearest tree or lamppost.” For many years people used books, magazines, newspapers, flyers, and graffiti sprayed on homes, churches and tombstones for propaganda until computers and internet where a common house hold item. The internet was much more useful to hate groups than any other forms of media because it wasn’t very hard to make a webpage and they could communicate what they wanted to say easier and much more effectively. Because of this many nations made laws against hate speech and in some occasions these laws were applied to internet hate propaganda.

In my opinion it doesn’t matter if hate speech is in newspaper, radio, internet or any type of media for me it is still...
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