Hate Crime Analysis

Topics: Criminology, Victimology, Crime Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Hate Crime Analysis
Terryann Lemonius
January 21st 2013

When thinking about hate crime the first thing that would come to mind is crimes against an individual based on the color of their skin. Most often this will be between Blacks and Whites. However there are many other factors that can subject to being a victim of hate crime. This essay will aim to highlight some of these for a specific group citing specific examples of a hate crime, restorative justice models that can be applied to the group. It will also further go on to explain the benefits and challenges with the use of that particular restorative model, along with a contemporary research method that could be used to measure the victimization of this particular group. Finally an attempt will be made to link the victimization of this group with the criminological theories currently being studied. A group of people who often face hate crimes are Muslims. Although not as popular as some other forms of hate crime that frequent newspapers or news stations. It is also one that in some ways has become a taboo subject when it is brought up around some politicians, community leaders, and private citizens. One of the main factors that have put the Muslim community in the firing line for hate crime is the events of September 11 2001. The leaders and perpetrators behind the attacks were Muslims and as such the religion has taken a brunt of the fallout for the attacks. Statistic by the FBI in 2011 shows that 12.5% of hate crime of a religious cont want aimed at Muslims (U.S. Department of Justice-Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2012). One example of such crime is that of Mark Stroman in 2001. Stroman on September 21st 2001 walks into a gas station and opened fire on individuals he believed were muslins and Arabs (Somanader, 2011). Stroman killed two people and seriously injured another. However, only two of Stromans victims were actually Muslims (Somanader, 2011). Stroman, after admitting his crime has...
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