Hatchet Essay

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  • Published : March 31, 2009
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Hatchet Essay

Hatchet is about a 13 year old boy named Brian Robinson, he was flying to Canada to visit his father who works in the oil fields. This is the first summer that he is going to stay with his father since his parents’ recent divorce. Brian is the only passenger in a Cessna 406 plane that will take him to Canada. Little does Brian know that this trip will change his life forever. Since his parents got divorced he hasn’t seen his father. He knows a secret about his mom that his father doesn’t. He tries to tell him a lot. On his way there his pilot experiences a massive heart attack. Brian is left to fly the plane on his own. Brian faces many hardships. Like his encounter with a bear and skunk. Almost being blinded by your own bow. No Hope of being rescued. No hope of survival. Near the end of the book Brian realizes that he is the new Brian. There is hope of survival. Brian is somewhere in the forests of Ontario or Quebec, in a region called the Canadian Shield. Carved out by glaciers long ago, the region is made up of ancient granite rock. It extends, in a horseshoe shape, from the southern edge of the Arctic Islands, around Hudson Bay, and over to the eastern coast of Newfoundland. The climate in the northern part of the Canadian Shield is extremely cold, with average temperatures in July ranging from forty to fifty degrees. Luckily Brian was there when it wasn’t there when it was extremely cold ,or it would be very hard to survive with snow so deep and no game. He starts to hunt.

The pros of Brian’s environment is that he has fish, he has fresh water, he has a shelter, he has a food storage, he has wood, and that he learned survival skills. The cons of Brian’s environment is that he lives near wild animals, he didn’t have fire for a long time, he lived near mosquitoes, he didn’t have any hygiene, he didn’t have a restroom, he really didn’t have knowledge of the wilderness, he got hit by a tornado, the tornado made him start all over...
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