Hat Task 1

Topics: Medicine, Obesity, Grand Rapids, Michigan Pages: 4 (1013 words) Published: May 23, 2013
HAT Task 1

The community I decided to research and compose this paper is one from which I live, Kent County Michigan. I gathered data from several different resources such as the Kent County Health Department and Michigan Department of Community Health in order to create a community assessment. The data I collected can be broken down into four different assessment pieces.

The first assessment piece is labeled population and economic status. I obtained the majority of this information from the Kent County Health Department. Kent County is located in the middle of West Michigan in the Southern Peninsula. The population as of 2011 was totaled to 608,453. The majority of this population consisted of people between the ages of 15 and 44 years old. Kent County consist of mostly white persons at 83.8%. The next larges group consists of African Americans at 10.3% and Hispanics at 9.9%. The median household income is $50,801, with 14.8% of the population being listed below poverty level. The unemployment rate is at 8.52% (2011, US Census Bureau). It is reported by adults that 13.6% have not accessed healthcare within the past 12 months. 10.7% of adults reported they have no healthcare coverage. It was also discovered that the county only has 29% of what is needed in the dental care community(2011, Michigan Department of Community Health).

The second assessment piece is labeled cultural assessment. Once again this was information I collected on a County level. In Kent County there are slightly more females than males, 51% versus 49% respectively. The populations consists predominately of white Christians, while the subgroup is Roman Catholics (2011, Kent County Health Department). Obesity was noted to be on the rise due to lack of physical activity and inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption. More specifically 31.3% of adults are obese, and Michigan as a whole is the 5th most obese state in the US. 19.7% of adults reported adequate physical activity with...
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