Haste Makes Waste

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One night, I and my family were returning home from a party which was in the outskirts of the city. We stopped at a railway line crossing because a train was approaching so the way was closed by a safety bar. The gateman was in the control room. It had been some time that the train had not arrived, so two men thought of crossing the bar with their motorcycle. As they were crossing the bar, people warned them but they paid no heed. No sooner had they crossed the bar than they heard the horn of the train and then people started shouting at them that the train was approaching. The two men ran to save their life leaving their motorcycle on the track. As the train knocked down the motorcycle, there was total deafness for a moment and the whole motorcycle shattered into pieces. No one of the two men got hurt but only the pieces of their motorcycle were left. The train had slowed down but did not stop. On that day I learned that it is better to wait for few minutes than to risk one’s life and property. Every year so many accidents take place due to the carelessness at the railway crossings. People try to act smart by crossing the bar and breaking rules but the end result is never good. Government tries to protect us but it is we who due to our carelessness and hurry end up risking our life. Just to save few minutes we risk our life. Is this the cost of one’s life? Just a few minutes. Life is immense precious than these few minutes. So why should one risk his life. By doing such activities they even can harm the lives of innocent people. Thus we should be patient at the railway crossings and never try to cross the bar before the train has passed away. If we are in hurry then to we should wait rather than risking our life which would pay us much costly than it. Thus the work done in hurry always goes in waste.
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