Hassann's Story

Topics: Skull, Skeletal system, Vertebra Pages: 2 (345 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Hassan’s Story

A. Baru is using surface markings to identify the gender of a skull. What two major types of surface markings do bones have? a. The depressions and openings.

B. Why are Liu and Hassan surprised to find a metopic suture on an adult skull? In which skull bone do metopic sutures occur? b. Because right after birth the left side and right side of the frontal bone are united by the metopic suture. They were surprised because this suture should have disappeared between the ages of six to eight years of age.

C. What delicate skeletal structures are found inside the nasal cavity that might be missing from an excavated skull? c. The perpendicular plate

D. How would Hassan and his team be able to tell the ages of the skeletal remains of the woman and baby? d. By the four main sutures such as coronal suture, sagittal suture, lambdoid suture and squamous sutures.

E. What features of the vertebral column would the larger skeleton in the sarcophagus show to indicate it was female? e. The vertebral column of a male in about 71 cm (28 in.) for a female the vertebral column of a female would be about 61 cm (24 in.)

F. What bone in the neck region other than cervical vertebrae may be damaged during strangulation or neck trauma? f. The hyoid bone.

G. If the bones of a person found at the excavation site were mixed up and out of sequence, how could the anthropologists determine which vertebrae were cervical, lumbar or thoracic? g. Because the cervical bones are the smallest, the thoracic bones are larger than the cervical bones, and the lumbar bones are the largest.

H. Why would bones with their hard structure, be subject to and show signs of the disease that destroyed this community? h. Because bones will show signs of wear and tear and can also be also be tested.

I. What structure passes through the transverse foramina of cervical vertebrae that would cause death if damaged as in the child’s skeleton? i. Arteries
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