Hasnu: The Stone Cutter

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  • Published : November 20, 2012
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Hasnu, the stone cutter
A stonecutter named Hashnu sat beside the highway cutting stone when the King’s courtiers cross the street. He then wished to be King and that wish was granted. Then he felt the sun’s heat thinking that the sun was powerful than the king so he wished to be the sun. He became the sun but then the cloud covered the sun. Thinking that the cloud was powerful than the sun, he then wishes to be the cloud. When he became the cloud, he then wished to be a rock for it didn’t move for all of his raining and blowing. Then he experienced the hardships of being a rock being sculpted by a stonecutter so he wishes to be a stonecutter again and fulfilled his duty contentedly. Conflict

· The conflict in the story is when Hashnu wants to be the most powerful. Climax
· The climax in the story is when Hashnu wants to be the king, the sun, the cloud, the rock and the stone cutter again. Denouement
· The denouement in the story is when Hashnu realized that the most powerful among the creations of God is still the man and he now fulfill his duty as a stonecutter contentedly. Characters

· Hashnu- the stonecutter
· Hashnu-the stonecutter
Time- Time of Monarchs
Location- Along the road where the King and his courtiers were crossing. Theme
The theme of the story is life process because the story tells the experiences of Hashnu when he became a king, a sun, a cloud, a rock and the stonecutter again. Point of view
The point of view of the story is third person because the narrator is not a participant in the story and his knowledge is limited only to the character of Hashnu. Conflict
The conflict in the story is Man Vs. Society because here in the story Hashnu struggles with himself and his desire to be the most powerful. Symbol
The symbol in the story is the mallet which is used by the stonecutter. Moral Lesson
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