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  • Published: July 28, 2013
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Secondary School Certificate Examination Syllabus


(based on National Curriculum 2006)

Published by Aga Khan University Examination Board Bungalow # 233 / E.1 Lines, Daudpota Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

November 2004 Latest Revision June 2012

All rights reserved This syllabus is developed by Aga Khan University Examination Board for distribution to all its affiliated schools.

Secondary School Certificate Examination Syllabus


This subject is examined in both May and September Examination sessions

S. No. Preface 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Table of Contents

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Aims/Objectives of the National Curriculum (2006) Rationale of the AKU-EB Examination Syllabus Topics and Student Learning Outcomes of the Examination Syllabus Scheme of Assessment Teaching-Learning Approaches and Classroom Activities Recommended Text and Reference Material Definition of Cognitive Levels and Command Words Annex A: SSC Scheme of Studies Annex B: List of Practical Activities

For queries and feedback Address: Phone: Fax: E-mail: Website: Facebook: The Aga Khan University Examination Board Bungalow No. 233/ E.I Lines, Daudpota Road, Karachi-Pakistan. (92-21) 35224702-10 (92-21) 35224711 examination.board@aku.edu http://examinationboard.aku.edu http://learningsupport.akueb.edu.pk www.facebook.com/akueb

Latest Revision June 2012

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In pursuance of National Education Policy (1998-2010), the Curriculum Wing of the Federal Ministry of Education has begun a process of curriculum reform to improve the quality of education through curriculum revision and textbook development (Preface, National Curriculum documents 2000 and 2002). AKU-EB was founded in August 2003 with the same aim of improving the quality of education nationwide. As befits an examination board it seeks to reinforce the National Curriculum revision through the development of appropriate examinations for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) based on the latest National Curriculum and subject syllabus guidance. AKU-EB has a mandate by Ordinance CXIV of 2002 to offer such examination services to English and Urdu medium candidates for SSC and HSSC from private schools anywhere in Pakistan or abroad, and from government schools with the relevant permissions. It has been accorded this mandate to introduce a choice of examination and associated educational approach for schools, thus fulfilling a key objective of the National Curriculum of Pakistan: “Autonomy will be given to the Examination Boards and Research and Development cells will be established in each Board to improve the system” (ibid. para. 6.5.3 (ii)). AKU-EB is committed to creating continuity of educational experience and the best possible opportunities for its students. In consequence it offered HSSC for the first time in September, 2007 to coincide with the arrival of its first SSC students in college or higher secondary school. Needless to say this is not an exclusive offer. Private candidates and students joining AKU-EB affiliated schools and colleges for HSSC Part 1 are eligible to register as AKU-EB candidates even though they have not hitherto been associated with AKU-EB. This examination syllabus exemplifies AKU-EB’s commitment to national educational goals. • It is in large part a reproduction, with some elaboration, of the Class IX and X National Curriculum of the subject. It makes the National Curriculum freely available to the general public. The syllabus recommends a range of suitable textbooks already in print for student purchase and additional texts for the school library. It identifies areas where teachers should work together to generate classroom activities and materials for their students as a step towards the introduction of multiple textbooks, another of the Ministry of Education’s policy provisions for the improvement of secondary education...
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