Hasbro as a Company

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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“Fulfilling our commitment to protect the environment, make safe products, and produce ethical content is our corporate responsibility, and it starts with me and includes our approximately 6,000 Hasbro employees around the world. All of us are dedicated to entertaining children and families with a framework of being a highly principled, trustworthy and transparent company.” - Brain Goldner, the Chief Executive Officer of Hasbro Inc. The company was founded in 1923, with their first hit being Mr. Potato Head. Hasbro Inc. was showing good business practices by coming out with a toy that was so enjoyed by kids. Hasbro continue to grow as they released GI Joe in 1969 which lead to commercials and also printed ads. The company was just beginning to grow when they had experience a bad business practice which caused the company to fall, Hasbro came out with two new toys that had been recalled. In 1970 The Hypo-Squirt was released, which was a water gun in the shape of a needle. The second toy that was released in 1970 was The Javelin Darts, this were lawn darts. Both toys were recalled due to the fact that they both were hazards and may cause injuries or even death. Hasbro is a company that is really socially responsible and cares about the environment and especially with kids. Hasbro has grants to help with kids who are in certain needs and bringing a smile on their face on a day to day basis. Hasbro has volunteers to participate on certain events in order to raise money for kids of our community who are in need. Hasbro is not only a corporation who helps the community but also is a high prestige corporation who is professionally and well organized. Hasbro has a good stakeholder strategy that has been working along the years by keeping the company stable and by giving that good care that satisfied the customers. In 1993 Hasbro created principles which are called the “Hasbro Global Business Ethics Principles (HGBEP)....
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