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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Anna Tiplick
Science B-8
April 23, 2012
Ethics Paper

Ethics are mostly rules; it is the dealing with what’s good and what is bad. Ethics are rules that everybody needs to follow like no cheating or stealing and being good. Beliefs are not true or untrue. Beliefs are what a person believes to be true to them. Ethics and Beliefs are different. It is like saying one is a fact and the other is an opinion. I feel dissection is mindless, disgusting, and torcher to animals of all kinds. It makes me feel light headed just hearing about it or thinking about it. All of the small animals such as frogs, insects, gerbils and other small animals being dissected are helpless. Just because we are the dominant species does not mean we can kill minor animals just because we need food, or it is for a hobby, a sport or to see the inside of a living creature. Would you like it if frogs and insects dissected you? In my personal opinion, I don’t think we should dissect in class. I am disgusted by it. We are killing millions of small animals. It is not natural unless you want to be a surgeon. Dissection could cause extinction of an animal species. I do think teachers should engage their students in ethical discussion. It can help teach students right from wrong. Some students don’t think things through. If a student does not listen, they could think it’s okay to do something. Some people in their lives could go to jail because they did not learn ethics. Ethics can impact a person’s life and what they do. The reasoning of killing animals for their fur is putting them in endanger of becoming extinct. The author said, “Animal rights activist express outrage at the injustice of killing animals for fur. But shouldn’t we be equally if not more outraged about the disparity of wealth between the persons who can afford to buy these coats and the persons who merely want them? Do we think about the lives of persons in war-torn and starvation-ridden regions with the same...
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