Has Tourism Benefited the People of Mauritius ?

Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization, Seychelles Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: June 3, 2012
Has tourism benefitted the people of Mauritius?

It is a truism that since tourism has been initiated in Mauritius, our standard of living together with our culture have both undergone a drastic change.  With the rapid development of the tourist industry, the Mauritians have encountered several drawbacks as well as have had numerous advantages.  The latest statistics depict that every year; there are an increasing number of tourists visiting our country.  No doubt, this shows how much Mauritius has developed during the last few years.  It now remains to be seen how positively and negatively the tourist industry has affected our people. In almost all spheres of activities, tourism has had a multitude of effects.  For instance, the first impact that the tourist industry has had on Mauritius is the increase in the number of job opportunities.  There are a lots of taxi drivers who depend a lot on tourists.  Also, big restaurants, huge hotels and shopping complexes receive large sums of money when tourists usually visit our country.  Our lifestyles have immensely changed over the past few years.  Our eating habits are no longer the same as we used to have.  Fast foods which are very common in foreign countries are found almost everywhere here in Mauritius and we people consume a lot of these foods as they are not time-consuming.  It has gradually become popular to have food outside home. The mindset of people has also changed and one reason for this open-mindedness can be attributed to the influx of tourists in Mauritius. The skyrocketing progress of the tourist industry, on the other hand, poses a great disadvantage for the people in Mauritius. Very often, Mauritians find out that the particular beach they want to go is reserved for the tourists and they back off.  This is a very serious problem which has been created with the increase in tourist activities. The greatest concern of the tourist industry is such that the privacy of the tourists must not be invaded,...
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