Has the World Treated Me Fairly or Unfairly?

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Has the world treated me fairly or unfairly?
Everyone has a different perspective on fairness of the world, people would say that the world has been fair, unfair, or both to their lives. I stand where I believe the world has been fair to my life. Living in Saipan gave me a lot of opportunities and great moments. I received great education and got a chance to share passion with other good people. Everyone gets a chance to enjoy their lives, and I think that so far I have gotten that chance. I can say I had lucky breaks. I got to travel the world with the people who share a common passion and interest with me. Looking back, I received all that I could but sometimes I regret not taking the given opportunities which could have left a different impact in my life. Unlike the mainland, we do not have much facility, resources and a great economy. Despite of lacking needs, I received great education from great educating minds. It was my fortune to enroll in a school that provided musical education, a school concert band program. Even in a bad economy, our high school band (which I was in) got invited to the New York Music Festival and got a chance to play on the world’s most prestigious stage of Carnegie Hall. Unfortunately, because of band I had to give up my chance to take AP classes due to conflict in class schedule. I had to think it over twice by giving up something I love for another great opportunity, or keep this opportunity that was given to me and start fresh. I know it was a given chance for me, but then I chose band because by that time, band has become a big part of my life. Through my dedications in music I was able to enjoy doing what I love with my friends and family, traveling to places like New York, Guam, and London. If this was not my luck break, I don’t know what is. During my last year in high school I joined the “We the People” team which was a class/club that was formed to compete in the “We the people national competition”. I wasn’t even...
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