Has the Western Influence on Your Life Been More Positive or Negative?

Topics: Language, Korea, Western world Pages: 2 (372 words) Published: September 21, 2012
When we look back the history of many Asian countries, most of them once been controlled by western countries. Either good way or bad way when one country colonize another they influence the country in many ways. beside the negative influence, in my opinion i believe that colonization of western countries effect Asian countries in positive ways. Since western countries had more mechanical skills and economically they were more stabilized than many asian countries, therefore control of them allowed Asian people to improve their skills. To be specific buildings, public transportations, roads, ports and language are examples of influences.

Western nations also influenced their cultures to Asian countries. Traditionally many of asian countries don't have christmas however due to western influence Christmas became the major celebration among all the countries. To be honest my favorite holiday is christmas. Since i was young i loved the air of christmas times and presents always made me smile. I feel that every christmas all the families becomes happy and joyful. As a result i believe that western influences are good.

There are many countries that has more than one common language. Like Singapore, they use both english and Chinese. Therefore the Western language give a lot impact to other countries' language. Even though i am Korean, most of words i speak are common to english which we can call it loanwords. Best examples are "computer", "chocolate", "cake", "printer", "bus", "taxi", "fashion", "drama", "download" and "T-shirt". This shows how korean language also been affected by western countries. If those words aren't there, it would be difficult for me to communicate or to show my opinions because common and similar words make me and world more accessible to transfer and share information quickly. In addition since some of words are similar to other languages it is easier for me to understand other languages than knowing nothing. Also, i believe that i am...
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