Harvest Community Church: Ethnographic Study of a Small Religious Church

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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The paper presented will show ethnographic study of a small religious church. Harvest Community Church, a Southern Baptist, is a spirit driven ministry in China Grove, North Carolina. The followers of this church have faith in Christ bringing to everyone happiness and joy in your life. My observation will be of the 8:00am service and 11:00am service and the groups of member attracting young adults through the word and the traditional services also. From the individuals greeting, dressing, singing, interact. I had a great experience on this first Sunday in church for over three and a half hours and last week two hours for this study. I had a double dose of the Lord words participated in two spiritual setting in different time of service and styles. OBSERVATIONS

I was accepted into the church with open arms saying, “You are welcome” said Miss Jones. It was easy to find a spot in the entrance of the church at the 8:00 am early service. It was very quiet at first and a few young people start coming in; they went straight for the espresso coffee area. This small church has morning brew and beverages for all those youthful people to enjoy. It appears to be the pick me while interacting with others. I noticed the chairs in the lobby no one is sitting in. Slowly people started to go straight inside and the empty cups went in the garbage. Minutes continue then the sound of music begins to play it was lively and with rhythm as they following inside to retrieve a seat. It was half way filled with available room then the second wave of people start arriving for service. As minutes passed the service began to bump up the volume, rocking to the upbeat and lively singing, “I am a friend of God, he calls me friend “ the members sang and what an awe-inspiring feeling. I looked around it felt like the coffee was kicking in and everyone spirit began to move. As I look around a see a young man in his jeans and tee-shirt one saying on it,” What’s up! Jesus” and a young family all dressed casual with a shirts and jean. Then next to me sits a lady with a sundress and sweater and flip flop style shoes. There is a fascinating mixture of young people they are ladies and guys, mostly a young group of African-American, whites and multi-cultural. These young people are all hard-working and students of a modest income nothing lavish but they come to serving the Lord. I then noticed the while everyone was singing a young mother was chastising her daughter, I heard her say, Melaka please sit on the chairs, church was no different than school, just a little bit better" said Mrs. Williams. HARVEST COMMUNITY CHURCH -11:00 a.m.

I was accepted into the church with open arms saying, “Welcome” said Mr. Dawson. I picked a great spot in entrance of the church 11:00am. Although it was loud, it was becoming crowded with many of people coming in. Along one wall, organized end to end, are cushioned wooden chairs, lined in long rows of twenty seating. There is seating for around about sixty people inside. The seating arrangement reminds me of seating at a small sermon. I was in front of a lady with a large white bible. On the side of her was an elder man sitting, he was near the vibrant stain glass window. Minutes went by large groups of people came in I thought how fast it became crowed. I could not hurried in the area became so pact it was hard to move. I could not cut anyone off nor did anyone try to ask someone if they were going in and so I waited. I was side by side to a lady and then went inside, just as service was almost ready to begin. An elder woman was beside me now. She had a huge light blue hat with a flower like a rose the kind that elder people tend to use. She was clutching to her royal blue handbag holding it tight with her lavish suit dressed finely. I looked ahead at the people who were in front staring at those colorful red, green, yellow and purple hats being worn...
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