Harverd Referencing System

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The primary reason for correct referencing is to demonstrate what is your own work and what is work produced by other writers. Failure to quote your sources could lead to accusations of PLAGIARISM!! Plagiarism is intellectual theft as you are claiming work is your own when, in fact, that work belongs to someone else.

The order for a Harvard reference is:-

• Author name [upper case]
• Year of publication
• Title of book [italics, first word upper case, the remainder lower case] • Edition [if not 1st]
• Place of publication
• Publisher


CHILDS M [2005] “Reward management” London; Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

BACH S and SISSON K [2000] “Personnel management; a comprehensive guide to theory and practice” 3rd ed Oxford; Blackwell Business

Journal Articles

BLACK J and GREGERSEN H [2000] “High impact training: forging leaders for the global frontier” Human Resource Management Vol.39 Nos 2 & 3 Summer pp173-184

McCALL A [2003] “100 best companies to work for 2003” The Sunday Times Supplement 2nd March

BURGOYNE J [2001] “Tester of faith” People Management Vol.7 No.4 22nd February pp33-34

• Author
• Publication date
• Title of document or webpage
• URL of webpage
• Date you accessed the document


http://www.acas.org.uk/publications/pub-cop.html [accessed 26th July 2010]

http://www.stokesjolly.com/RoamAlone.doc [accessed 23rd July 2010]

Quoting in the text


Taylor [2002] argues that ………………..

Taylor and Brown [2002] argue that ……………………..

In a recent report [Taylor and Brown 2006] suggest that ………………………

Taylor [2006 p44] defines management as “the art of getting things done through people.”

Evans [2007 pp456-458] listed the following benefits of good management:-

So:- when quoting exactly, always include the page number.

If you are quoting exactly the reference...
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