Harvard Housing Survey Case Study

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Harvard Graduate Housing Survey

There were some clear understanding and learning form the survey done. Some of the important factors are as listed: • Among all factors, time taken to commute to the campus and amount of rent paid were considered the most important in choosing the residence. • Most people prefer to walk to the college form the residence. • Most people except business and law felt that the rent should be less than $800. • The preference for the studio/one-bedroom apartment as an upgrade over the single dorm room was adopted. • The double-studio concept is a cross between a dorm and an apartment was accepted as well and adopted. • They understood students’ basic mind-sets and vocabularies. • They were able to obtain a user’s critique of design ideas and on the location. • They also now have a chance to discuss on specific topics such as campus-access alternatives.

All these findings can be connected to certain reasons like though the survey was long; the flow of the design was very smooth and easy to understand. They kept the easy and straight questions that needed minimal thinking and no analysis in the beginning with the little difficult questions towards the middle and most of all, the demographic questions towards the end making the respondent comfortable. The survey designers keenly developed some descriptive research about current housing and transportation, which were measured and analyzed. Mostly the same kind of scale was used; not confusing the students is an effectively right method to get more appropriate answers. Questionnaire

a. In your opinion, regardless of your accommodation which do you think is a better choice if all options are available for you? o Harvard Planning and Real Estate apartment
o Harvard graduate residence hall
o Harvard College Undergraduate House or Freshman Dormitory o Private Housing
b. Are you happy for the rent you pay...
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