Hart Venture Capital

Topics: Investment, Capital accumulation, Finance Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: October 15, 2010
Case Problem 3- Hart Venture Capital

Problem Statement

Hart Venture Capital (HVC) specializes in providing venture capital for software development and Internet applications. Currently HVC has two investment opportunities: (1) Security Systems, a firm that needs additional capital to develop an Internet security software package, and (2) Market Analysis, a market research company that needs additional capital to develop a software package for conducting customer satisfaction surveys. In exchange for the Security Systems stock, the firm has asked HVC to provide $600,000 in year 1, $600,000 in year 2, and $350,000 in year 3. In exchange of their stock, Market Analysis has asked HVC to provide $500,000 in year 1, $350,000 in year 2, and $400,000 in year 3. HVC believes that both investment opportunities are worth pursuing. However, because of other investments, they are willing to commit at most $800,000 for both projects in the first year, at most $700,000 in the second year, and $500,000 in the third year. HVC’s financial analysis team reviewed both projects and recommended that the company’s objective should be to maximize the net present value of the total investment in Security Systems and Market Analysis. The net present value takes into account the estimated value of the stock at the end of the three year period as well as the capital outflows that are necessary during each of the three years. Using the 8% rate of return, HVC’s financial analysis team estimates that 100% funding of the Security Systems project has a net present value of $1,800,000, and 100% funding of the Market Analysis project has net present value of $1,600,000. HVC has the option to fund any percentage of the Security Systems and Market Analysis projects.

For example, if HVC decides to fund 40% of the Security Systems project: .40 x ($600,000) = $240,000 would be required for year 1
.40 x ($600,000) = $240,000 would be required for year 2
.40 x ($250,000) = $100,000 would be...
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