Hart and Sharma Periphery and Core Stakeholder Analysis for Engro Foods

Topics: Stakeholder, Stakeholder analysis, Stakeholder management Pages: 4 (556 words) Published: February 12, 2011
Hart and Sharma Periphery and Core Stakeholder Analysis [HUMA]

The stakeholder analysis helps organizations to focus on the current and future directions for their CSR strategy in order to create a truly sustainable economic entity. According to Hart and Sharma there are two types of stakeholders, core or fringe stakeholders. Understanding the needs and requirements of both kinds of stakeholders is critical for a sustainable organization.

|Primary Stake Holders |Engro’s perspective |Analysis | |Competitors |Investors |Engro has also undertaken an initiative| |Investors |Engro has done good for the investors and they apprise the investors quaterly|through third party research companies | |Regulators |about the financial profits |to understand the perceptions of the | |Employees | |stakeholders like communities and NGO’s| |Communities |Communities |regarding its efforts and | |Suppliers |Engro considers its responsibilities towards he communities it operates as |initiatives. | |NGOs |utmost important. Engro has initiated the CAER program to enhance the | | | |awareness of operational hazards of its business and strengthen the capacity|It is evident that Engro is doing a | | |to respond in case of emergency |remarkable job to understnd and | | |...
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