Harsh Prison Sentences

Topics: Crime, Criminal law, Sentence Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Over the recent years, the crime rate has vastly increased in different countries despite measures such as the introduction of harsh prison sentences, which in some cases have proved not to be effective. Harsh sentences are defined as severe punishments which comprise of the death penalty, long sentences without parole and just long sentences in general. This essay seeks to make an attempt to show how harsh sentences are not the key solution to preventing crimes but however an account will also be given of how they could prevent these crimes. In the first three paragraphs of this essay, the idea that harsh sentences will not prevent people from committing crimes will be discussed. Following this, in the fourth paragraph the idea that harsh sentences will prevent people from committing crimes will be discussed. Lastly a conclusion will be given. Harsh sentences for instance long sentences may lead to prison overcrowding. Prison overcrowding will tend to be a breeding ground for violent acts posing as a ‘school of crime’(Lilly, Cullen and Ball, 1995) ).Out of these breeding grounds ,’gangs’ are born and these may continue even outside of prison thus increasing crime in society instead of preventing it. According to statistics “idaho’s prison population expanded by 175% from 2256 in1992 to 6204 in 2002 and violent increased by 14%” in America (Jacobson, 2005) . In addition, Genes underlie the heritability of physiological and behavioural traits, including those associated with crime. A research was carried out which showed that genes are a source of crime (Cohen, 2011). According to John H. Laub, the director of the justice institute, genes are able to trigger certain impulses that may lead to violence (Cohen, 2011). Scientists established that 80% of people that are arrested for any offence and 90% of those arrested for violent crimes all possess a y chromosome (Powledge, 1996). This means that these people cannot be stopped from committing crime, since causation...
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