Harry vs Frodo

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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Gerald Labelle
2 October 2012
Intro to Fiction
Professor Juliene Osborne-McKnight
Harry versus Frodo
In the last fifteen years Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings have been the leaders in the fantasy film movement. The use of magic and witchcraft has grabbed audiences out of their seats and into the worlds of Harry and Frodo. The fantasy aspect of these films is just the outer layer. Under the surface of these stories there usually is a deeper meaning. Within this meaning the plot, characters, setting, conflicts, themes, symbols, and metatruths create fiction. Movies of fiction often have similarities, but Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings uses the elements of fiction in their own specific ways. Both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings have a similar plot. Harry is a young boy who really doesn’t have anything going for him, but becomes the hero. Equally, Frodo, a young hobbit, then becomes the being responsible for destroying the ring to save Middle Earth. A difference between the two main heroes would be that Frodo does have his Uncle to live up too. Bilbo Baggins, the main character of The Hobbit, who has also, went out on a mysterious adventure when he was younger. Because of Bilbo, Frodo is held responsible for the Ring. Both films have a character that is known as the “bad guy” or enemy. Harry’s enemy is Voldemort who must steal the Sorcerer’s Stone to be able to live as one again. In Lord of the Rings, Sauron strives to obtain the ring to become powerful. With both films having a hero and enemy, this makes them a ‘good versus evil’ theme. Thus making the plotline similar in both stories, which is that someone who is evil is trying to take from someone good. Although its makes their plots somewhat similar, other conflicts in each makes them unique. In Harry Potter, Harry is put in the middle of a quest that he faces evil. He’s never given the opportunity to say no and live a normal life. Throughout his quest he finds out his destiny. This can be a...
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