Harry Lavender

Topics: Meaning of life, The Reader, Novel Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: October 9, 2010
Distinctive voices have a particular influence in languages which is employed by the composer to create voices for particular purposes. Distinctive voices can be referred to as language of the characters, expressing their ideas different to others. The language is set as a distinctive way which conveys the qualities and moral values of the speaker. They display the ways language is used to create voices in texts, and how this affects interpretation and shapes the meaning. The composer has simulated the characters to assure that readers acknowledge language feature that focus on the characters ideas. Characters are to present their language either in novels, films or poetry which are produced to specific conventions to create distinctive voices. Characters use these voices to shape the meaning of the understanding of texts. There are a lot of characters that focus this statement which are Claudia Valentine and harry lavender in the life and crimes of harry lavender. These are the main characters within the novel which use distinctive voices to express themself. The voice of Claudia is unique and original she is an independent and strong female investigator living and working in Australia’s largest city, Sydney. These aspects ensue that her voice must be distinct from the voice of any other private investigator that has been created before this is illustrated through her comfortable use of jargon: “The crims don’t discriminate anyway they blow away a women on their trail as a readily as a man”(pg 31.

Day has not only created a distinctive voice of Claudia, however she has created a believable voice for a character that is appealing to the responder in many ways. Her voice is believable because of its lack of formality, often speaking in colloquial terms familiar to an Australian reader. Claudia’s difficult story ensures a tough yet genuine voice, one with confidence and strength but also vulnerabilities and uncertainties. The moment she is introduced the...
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