Harrison Bergeron

Topics: Citation, Bibliography, Biblical Archaeology Review Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: December 4, 2007
Source Evaluation Instructions
• Length: 300-500 words
• Format: List rather than Essay
This assignment is intended to familiarize you with SJRCC Library periodical holdings and database subscriptions, so you must complete your research through one of the SJRCC libraries or their web site. We have an excellent selection of periodicals and databases relevant to Interdisciplinary Studies from which to choose including the following: • Smithsonian

• Archaeology
• Biblical Archaeology Review
• Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies
• Humanities Full Text
• Art Full Text
The library has many other appropriate periodicals as well as databases with full-text article which may be accessed from the Library's web site. For directions for these, go to the SJRCC Library website and select the "Do Research from Home" link. (You must have a current library card to complete your research online.) To complete your report, you will need to do the following: 1. Either working on-site or accessing the SJRCC Library on line, choose a periodical article (not an encyclopedia article) published since the year 2004 that pertains to any aspect of culture or civilization within the time frame of this course (a date between a.d.500 and 1492). 2. State the author's thesis or purpose (either paraphrase or quote directly and include page number) 3. Briefly summarize the entire article (3-4 sentences)

a) Cite specific examples the author uses to support his or her thesis b) Quote the author once or twice only, choosing what you consider particularly eloquent sentences and include page numbers after each quote. 4. Briefly critique the article citing each of the following: a) Strengths

b) Weaknesses
c) Audience analysis—to whom do you think the article is directed and why? Include information such as age group, education level, special interests, and so forth. (If you're unsure, consider the audience of the periodical in which the article appears.) d) What you found...
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