Harris and Me

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Harris and Me is a story, told in the first person, about a boy whose alcoholic parents send him away to spend each summer with family relatives. One summer he is sent to stay with the Larsons, farmers in a remote area of Minnesota. The story focuses around the humorous events of a city boy learning to live on a farm with Harris.

According to the author, Gary Paulsen, this story is based on his own life. Characters

The "Me" of the title is an eleven-year-old boy who narrates the story. His name is never mentioned, but it is Gary Paulsen himself.

Harris Larson: A hyperactive nine-year-old boy who loves kinetic adventures.

Knute Larson: Harris's father, a farmer who almost never speaks.

Louie: A farmhand on the Larson's place. He sleeps above the barn and has a pet lynx named Buzzer. He has no teeth and swallows his food without chewing.

Glennis Larson: Harris's older sister, who repeatedly slaps Harris for swearing, which happens numerous times a day.

Clair Larson: Harris's mother.

Note: This is a memoir of a summer in the life of Gary Paulsen. It is said that he never went back to visit Harris. Motifs

Home life


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