Harriet Tubman and Secret Passage

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Harriet Tubman and Secret Passage

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Harriet Tubman was born around 1820 in Maryland as a slave. She started working at the early age of five as a house servant. Tubman made her way to the work field at the early at of twelve. Tubman spent the next years working in the fields, until one night she decided to follow the North Star to free lands. Harriet Tubman goal was help free as many slave as she could. Tubman became a part of the Underground Railroad that was already functioning in the Eastern Shore. Tubman showed encourage, strength, and devotion, while being a part of the Underground Railroad.

The Underground Railroad was a group of safe houses were runaway slaves could stop on their journey to the north for freedom. Harriet Tubman, left behind her husband and family in the South, and she wanted nothing more to help free slaves. Tubman became a conductor of the railroad, which meant she would guide the slaves from place to place. Along the route to safety were safe houses or station, which provided the slaves with food, protection, and a place to sleep. All the actions in the Underground Railroad were illegal, due to Fugitive Slave Act. If a person were to be caught helping a slave in the passage of the Underground Railroad that would receive six months in prison or a fine up to thousand dollars.

Harriet Tubman made many journey on the Underground Railroad. Tubman went back to free not only her family, but many others. Tubman got word that her niece and nephew, were soon going to be sold, so she set out to meet them and bring them back to the North. That was one of nineteen trips that Tubman would make on the Underground Railroad. Tubman suffered a head injury in her early years, due to a beating she received and would experience black out spells, this would not stop her or slow her down and freeing slaves. Tubman made her way back to her parents and was able to free them also. Harriet would use the...
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