Harriet Tubman

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  • Published : January 12, 2012
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Sitanan Kietkraipob IP9
Sitanan Kietkraipob IP9
Harriet Tubman Questions

1. I think Harriet Tubman understood the pain that all slaves had suffered because she also used to be a slave before too. She thought that if she managed to escape successfully then other slaves could escape too. She wanted to proof that slaves had the rights to be free. That was why she risked her life lead other people to freedom. I think she must be a very brave person to do something very dangerous like this because if she got caught, they’ll absolutely kill her but she really believed in herself that she could do it. And she really helped so many slaves escaped without getting caught even once. Her actions show us how great she can plan ahead and lead her people perfectly until they had reached their destination despite how uneducated she was as a slave.


3. We sense irony when we read that the men who hunted fugitives for money said prayers with their families on Sunday because when we imagine an image of a person who hunted fugitives, we’ll think of a very cruel guy who seems to be unreligious and heartless. But these people were praying with their families on Sunday! I don’t think people who hunted fugitives supposed to said prayers since what they were doing everyday weren’t so nice according to their religion. Religious people don’t go out and hunted other people. That is the reason why we sense irony.
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