Harriet's Daughter- a Letter to Gran from Zulma

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  • Published : April 2, 2011
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Name: Aiyna Ali
Subject: English B
Form: 2G
Teacher: Mrs. Fareeda
A Letter to Gran

#38 Knightbridge Road,
Sunday 24th October, 2010
Dear Gran,
How are you going? Me missing you a lot and me hope you okay. I have a really nice friend, she name Margaret. I want to tell you about she so that you won't be worrying about me too much.
Margaret is originally from Barbados. She skin brown in complexion and she likes when she hair braided. She does not like dressing up and wearing lots of make-up.
She is very sympathetic person. Margaret was de one who convinced me not to worry and that everything was going to be ok when she saw me crying. She has a strong sense of fun. She showed me how to make snow angels, they are very beautiful and look real. Margaret is also an intelligent student. She achieves good grades and has respect for elders. She stands up and protects me when anyone tells me hurtful things. I feel very comfortable when I'm with Margaret. She tries she best to make Canada feel more at home. She asked me to teach she how to speak like we. I felt very proud to be a Tobagonian at that point.

Gran, I must tell you, Margaret is de greatest friend ever. She told me that by de end of the year I will be back in Tobago with you. That was she promise to me. She is very determined on fulfilling this promise.

Well that is it for now. Please take care of yourself and say hi to de goats and de chickens dem for me. Bye bye. I love you Gran. Your loving grand-daughter,
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