Harrassment at Work

Topics: Vice President of the United States, Work, The Associate Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: April 6, 2011
From the information I have received regarding the matter at Brademore Electric the situation is that should Mr. Singh talk to Keith about the sexual harassment allegations about him made towards Maura Donovan. From our findings we think that Mr. Singh should address the situation immediately before the company image and reputation all goes out the window. Our client Maura Donovan has been asked numerous times and threated by Keith Sturdivant to go on overnight dates and to attend social events, and he clearly stares at her while she’s doing her work at the office. My client has made it clear to Keith that she is not interested in him. We propose that Mr. Singh vice president of the company intervene in the situation immediately and suspened Keith. Since our client has informed Mr. Singh of the problem and other associates of the company have informed Mr. Singh of the situation as well. Also, the company should place a harassment policy immediately and give all the employees training and inform them of the new policy.

Mr. Singh we think should immediate suspend Keith from work because he has made a horrible and uncomfortable for our client since she has entered the workplace. He hasn’t treated our client with any respect and made her feel like she owes him for hiring her which is not the case at all. The longer Mr. Singh waiting to take action the more problems and more hostile the work environment will get. Our client was hired by your company based on her qualification and the skills she has to offer at her job. With Keith still working it will cost your company a great deal of problems with my client not being able to do her job to her full potential. Also it will sound send a message to other associate that they can do whatever or say whatever to other associates without getting punished for it. Also, Keith should be called in by the upper management have talk with him and let him know why he’s getting suspened and what evidence they have without...
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