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Harrah’s is the famous casino resort in USA that founded by William Fisk Harrah, at Nevada, in 1939. Then in 1942, Harrah’s opened a casino with blackjack, a dice table and 20 slot machines. The company expanded by added more roulette to the card and dice table and began serving liquor in 1946. William Harrah saw an opportunity to expand the business so, he brought a dingy casino on the southern shore of Lake Tahoe in 1955.Later in 1959, he relocated the casino across the highway to create the world’s largest single structure devoted to gambling. Next, Harrah’s constructed the highest building in Reno, a 24-story hotel across the street from his casino. With high growth in Lake Tahoe, he opened an 18-story hotel in Lake Tahoe in 1973. By 2000, Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. was well known in gambling industry and operate casinos in more markets than other casino company that having 21 casinos in 17 different cities, including operations in five major traditional casino markets; Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Laughlin, Reno and Atlantic City. Nowadays, Philip G. Satre is a Chairman and CEO of Harrah’s. Business Model

Focusing on “exuberantly” alive for fulfills the needs of customers as a momentary escape from the problem and pressures of their daily lives. Focusing on “friendly employees” to make better and distinguished services. The main revenue comes from casino business.

All supportive relaxing place such as restaurant and hotel are the components for attracting customer to spend more time in casinos. Strategies
Early Strategy Later Strategy
Growth Strategy
Focus on people only that seemed to be working in the early 1990s Harrah could expand the business beyond Nevada and New Jersey that generated explosive growth and highly profitable business. Focus on Customer Relationship management program to retain customers. The company use DBM in order to create program that suit with customer’s behavior. Problems

1. High Competition :
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