Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird: A Sinful Journey

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Jeffrey Luu
Mr. Day
A Sinful Journey
Killing a harmless innocent soul who chooses to do right over wrong is considered a sin. In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird this innocent life is represented by a mockingbird. With the addition of these “mockingbirds,” the theme of the story as well as the meaning is better explained and understood by readers. Throughout the novel there are no real mockingbirds being killed. However, there are a number of characters used as symbolic mockingbirds such as; Jem, Atticus, and Tom Robinson. Author Harper Lee also sends a message to the readers about how society and humans interact with one another. The novel also opens up about reality and informs readers about respect, understanding, and hatred in everyday life.

Jem, Atticus, and Tom Robinson are all symbolic mockingbirds because they were all innocent citizens hurt mentally or physically for doing the right things. Jem is considered a mockingbird because during the trial he was led b the evidence, then reality wronged him. “Jem was suddenly furious. He leaped off the bed, grabbed me by my collar and shook me. “I never wanta hear about that courthouse again, ever, ever, you hear me? You hear me? Don’t you ever say one word to me about it again, you hear? Now go on!” (Chapter 26 Page: 247 Paragraph: 2). This shows that Jem is a mockingbird because he entered that courthouse innocent and not in sync with reality. He exited the courthouse scarred and forever changed. This quote shows that he will never manage to return to the old Jem, he will never be the same again. Atticus is also a mockingbird because all he was doing was the right thing. He represented Tom Robinson the best he could with reasons and support for his innocence. Atticus used all weapons in his arsenal to defend Tom Robinson when no one else would have done the same. In return, the racist citizens of Maycomb backstabbed him. Sure, they sent him gifts, but they did not do the right thing,...
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