Harper Lee vs. Scout Finch

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Harper Lee vs. Scout Finch

By | November 2012
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Harper Lee vs. scout finch
Harper Lee and Scout are one and the same. Lee and Scout have many similarities that cannot be coincidence. In fact I believe that Lee wrote this novel based on her life as a child in her town of Monroeville, Alabama. Scout and Lee were both tomboys, the both had people charged with rape which they didn’t do, and the both grew up in small Alabaman towns. Harper Lee was influenced by her life that is why she wrote this novel.

Maycomb the town scout lives in is based off of Monroeville, Alabama. Both were small towns located between Mobile and Montgomery. Both towns are populated by a mix of segregationists and civil rights activists. Scout and Lee both went to a public grammar school and both were interested in a world of make-believe and writing. When Harper Lee and Scout were children they were both tomboys and were both willing to improvise, adept and overcome any obstacle.

Scout and Harper Lee older brother’s and fathers were both lawyers. Both Scout’s father and Lee’s father defended a black man who was found guilty. Scout’s father’s name was Atticus Finch, which is her mother’s maiden name. Lee’s friend Truman Capote was the inspiration for Scout’s friend Dill. Both the Scottsboro Boys and Tom Robinson were arrested and charged with rape they did not commit.

Both Lee and Scout have had very similar childhoods as I’ve stated in the previous paragraphs. Included their home towns, friends, and even specific events that have occurred over the years, she even used Lee’s mother’s maiden name to make it obvious. They both grew up with similar attitudes toward everything. But in the end there is no complete answer to why she wrote the book and I doubt that question will ever be answered.

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