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Topics: Crime, Gang, Los Angeles Pages: 3 (1054 words) Published: May 19, 2013
1) What decision does Principal Sanders make about the homecoming game and dance? How does that decision turn out? Regardless of its outcome, would you have made the same decision? Why or why not? Principal Sanders decides not to cancel the homecoming game and dance. In the end nothing happened. I would have canceled the dance and game to make sure all the students are safe. Even though nothing happened at this one event, it seems as though large events are catalysts to violence in the Harper High School area.

2) In Act One, "The Eyewitness," what has Thomas been an eyewitness to? How has it changed his life? How does he cope with his experiences? How does Anita (the school social worker) try to reach him? What do they have in common? How does Anita deal with it? Thomas was an Eyewitness to many shootings. He has been traumatized but also shootings and violence has become a regular part of his life. Thomas tends to cave in and not share the experiences with many people but whenever Anita is at the high school Thomas is always going to talk to her. Anita worked with Shakaki for two years and similarly grieving over the death of her. Anita tries to help with the memorial that is built inside the school for Shakaki.

3) In Act Two, "Your Name Written On Me," what is TGC? What does it stand for? How did it come about? How did TG die? What did he do before he died? Why does Mr. Owens have such a hard time accepting his son's friend's story? TGC stands for Terrance Green Crew. TGC is a gang that came about from the death of Terrance Green. He died when a gang called S-dub shot and killed him. Terrance’s dad believes the reason behind his son being killed was half bullying and half girls but his son’s friend’s story states that Terrance created a gang to combat the gang that was harassing and bullying them and they fought fire with fire and he ended up getting killed. .

4) In Act Three, "Get Your Gun," where do Englewood kids get their firearms?...
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