Haroun and the Sea of Stories Reflection

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  • Published : November 7, 2011
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Haroun Reading Reflection
One lesson that Haroun learns throughout the book was that good stories are not a waste of time and that they should be valued highly because they can change people and minds. He knows that his father, Rashid Khalifa, is an excellent storyteller because of his never ending stream of stories he tells, and how each one is as carefully thought out as the last. He loves his father and mother very much, and they live a happy life in a basement of a building in the “sad city.” However when his mother leaves, his father breaks down and his storytelling is thus crippled. When his mother left, she asked Rashid, “What’s the point of telling stories that aren’t even true?” After Rashid has lost his magical ability and Haroun starts disliking him, Haroun knowingly asks him, “What’s the point of telling stories that aren’t even true?” This puts Rashid in a depression even more because now he knows he has lost both his wife and his son. One night when Haroun and his father were on the boat “Arabian Nights plus one” his father and Haroun both were having trouble sleeping, and decided to trade beds. Well, this was fine for Haroun and Rashid because they were able to sleep much better, however the water genie that had come to cancel Rashid’s story subscription was not aware of this. When Haroun awoke to find a water genie, he grabbed his wrench and demanded to know everything. After he realized that his father was indeed subscribed to the sea of stories, he became loyal to him once more and realized that he needed to save the sea of stories from being poisoned in order to keep his father from losing pride, and also to bring him out of his depression. He then realized that storytelling was a true art, and that stories can bring all the goodness in the world to someone even if they are not true.
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