Harold Crick

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  • Published : March 25, 2008
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The Conventional Resolution to Stranger than Fiction
Harold Crick, a lonely tax auditor, who is awoken each day by his wrist watch. This wrist watch is an enormous part of Harold’s life. He also has a compulsive habit of save time and count whatever he is doing or around. This is the exposition for the movie Stranger than Fiction.

As the rising action occurs, Harold begins to hear a woman’s voice in his head. Harold isn’t just hearing voice though, the women is narrating his life. Speaking about whatever he is doing at the time or will come to do in the future. As the rising action plays on, Harold is assigned to audit a baker named Ana Pascal. Even know Harold is dedicated to his work and is a stern believer of the rules he most follow, he become attracted to Mrs. Pascal. But as the voices go on his attention is quickly altered to the woman’s narration in his mind. As the movie draws closer and closer to the climax, One day, while Harold is waiting at the bus stop his watch stops working. He asked a nearby person for the time to reset his dear watch. Little to Harold’s knowledge, it was not the correct time, which as narrated would lead to Harold’s death. Also in the rising action in the story, we meet the narrator, Karen Eiffel. We are lead to understand Harold is a character in a book she is in the process of writing. We also learn that she is suffering from writes block, unable to find a way to kill Harold Crick. She cannot seem to find the perfect way for Harold to die in her story. Harold understandably confused and longing for answers sets out to discover what is going on. Harold ends up meeting an English professor by the name of Jules Hilbert. Hilbert, after hearing what is going on to Harold, sends him out to do multiple assignments which could hopefully help Hilbert in discovering what book he is a part of. While this is going on, Harold is being more and more attracted to Mrs. Pascal, but had an uncomfortable incident where he rejected her offer...
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