Harmony Life in Borobudur Temple

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1. Introduction
A UNESCO World Heritage Site is a place that is listed by UNESCO as of special cultural or physical significance. “Cultural heritage refers to monuments, groups of buildings and sites with historical, aesthetic, archaeological, scientific, ethnological or anthropological value. Natural heritage refers to outstanding physical, biological and geological formations, habitats of threatened species of animals and plants and areas with scientific, conservation or aesthetic value” (World Heritage Information Kit , 2005: page 3). The UNESCO establishes some World Heritage in Indonesia. Borobudur listed as one of world heritage in Central Java because Borobudur temple is one of the biggest Buddhist temple in the world which is built in 8th century. It’s even built 300 years before Angkor Wat in Kamboja stand and 400 years before the old cathedral building stand in Europe. Borobudur temple located in Borobudur village, Magelang, Central Java. Borobudur has story relief which is arranged in 11 lines surrounding the temple. The reliefs have story about the life of Buddha before he was born until he died. The life of Buddha contains of values that become a guide for human life. So, what we can learn about the values of life from Borobudur temple?. How the people life who lived surrounding Borobudur temple?. In this paper the writer wants to inform the reader about the importance of World Heritage existence and what we can learn from the World Heritage’s values especially the values of Borobudur temple. The writer uses library research method in conducting this paper. Also, it’s based on the writer’s experience when the writer was accompany IIWC (Indonesia International Work Camp) Borobudur World Heritage Volunteers Workcamp on 5-18 September 2012.

2. Content

3.1 Borobudur temple as a world heritage site in Central Java
Borobudur temple is one of the big Buddhist temple in the world which located in Borobudur village, Magelang, Central Java. It was built on 8th century, in the age of Syailendra dinasty by Gunadarma as the architect. Its environment is surrounded by Merapi and Merbabu mountain on the east, Sindoro and Sumbing mountain on the north, and Menoreh mountains on the south.

Borobudur becomes one of favorite vacation spots in Central Java. Everyday a lot of people come into this temple neither domestic tourists nor foreign tourists. The tourists not only visit Borobudur to see the beauty of the temple in physically, but also they are see the beauty of the temple in its values. They rent a guide to explain about the history of Borobudur temple. Although Borobudur had become a tourism place, this temple still use for religious event especially when the day of Waisak come. Buddhists celebrate Waisak Day in Borobudur, in holy of Buddha.

Borobudur as a world heritage in Central Java, however, gives various benefit for the people who lived near this temple especially benefit in economic side. Some people sell souvenirs, crafts, clothes, foods, books, and services. For some people who sell services like guides, they are more capable to speak English than some people who sell goods. So, almost everyone who work in surrounding the temple capable to speak English for communication with the tourists . That’s one of the impact of the Borobudur temple as the world heritage in Central Java.

Also, Borobudur becomes an object to observe for educational and cultural aspect. Many of historic inscription that explain it but these make people feel confuse too. So, history of Borobudur at the origin is included in problems that have to research. In addition, Government establish a conservation institute which is focus to preserve the temple. Borobudur conservation institute conducts the research how to save the temple’s construction. It’s also give people a lot of information about that. A world heritage site must be preserve by us because it can be extinct. If the world heritage were extinct, we do not...
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