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1. What marketing management philosophy did

Harmonix use at first, and how did their philosophy


I would say they started with the social marketing concept because the company initially tried to market their product through multiple companies that were in the public's eye on a regular basis such as Japanese karaoke machines, Intel, and Disney’s Epcot. They later used the marketing concept because they already had a market and a target buying group from previous years. They basically updated their game and added some features customers would like to see and marketed the product in all the right places so they could develop a long term relationship with buyers and steadily make a profit.

2. As a firm, how do you think Harmonix would describe

its business?

I think being that Harmonix sold their business and then the company Viacom sold it would leave Harmonix feeling as if their business wasn't in high demand at his time but would say that they had a long run and were successful during their peak times and maybe they would say something about the potential to create another game that is in a higher demand at this current time.

3. To whom was Harmonix’s product directed, and

how did they create a product that would appeal

to that audience?

The audience Harmonix appealed most to were they teen/young adult genre who were deeply interested in music especially people who weren't musically inclined when it came to actual musical instruments. They created a product that appealed to that group by make a technologically advance game that was easy to use and didn't require any real skill. Then they continued to add components to the game to keep buyers interested.
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