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Harmful Tv

By | March 2012
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Television, Television, One of the most popular activities among American families, television can be consider as babysitters, tubes, awards, friends, punishment, lunch, dinner, teachers, medicine, entertainment, etc. People all around the world enjoy watching television. Television is an influential form of communication that plays a role in molding public opinion, manipulating buying habits, and most importantly educating children. However, researchers found that television can be harmful; too much of the materials, such as images of sexual scenes, violence scenes, or even a cartoon show can create a serious effect on young viewers. Television can create both physical, and emotional health problems for any kids who have consume excessive amount of television watching. Based on the large number of commercials between each show and the lack of restriction on content, television today has become to some extent has more water than meat. The negative effects of television have come to outweigh the positive effects; TV has weakened its good side. Beside that, average number of the television per house hold in America is approximately 3, and most family let their children have televisions in their bedrooms (U). Television tends to create more harm to a child than good, and parents should control a child’s television consumption carefully.

Television decrease family bonding
Family is the most significant thing that has influence over a child, but television has interfered, decreasing time spending in family. Beginning with a simple fact, we all love television, and television had take parts of our lives. We spend time using computers, video games, etc, which has the same effect as television, probably at least once a day. “Children spend more time watching television than in any other activity except sleep”, said Huston and Wright, University of Kansas (6). Television has effect us more and more everyday. Without concerning the television today,...

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