Harm of Texting

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Many parents and educators fear that the texting craze may have negative effects on teenagers’ writing skills. Because this is a relatively new area of concern, the few studies that have been done are inclusive. Everyone does, however, realize that text messaging is here to stay. Read the following articles. Summarize each article in at least two paragraphs per article. Then write your own opinion of the role of text messaging. (Everyone can agree that texting while driving is dangerous, so don’t get sidetracked by this point.) Teens ready to prove text-messaging skills can score SAT points

Many experts believe that teenage composition is as strong as ever due to the revolution of e-mail, instant-messaging (IM), text messaging and the internet. Many teens communicate on a daily basis using one or more of these methods. As a result, many experts believe that this generation is more proficient with the written word. Al Filreis, director of the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing at the University of Pennsylvania, has seen "the quality of student writing at the high school level go way up, and this is explained by the fact that they do more writing than they ever did." He believes that there's a genuine writing renaissance under way. Overall, this can help improve writing scores on the SAT, since it has undergone the broadest revision in its 80-year history. One of the biggest changes is a 25-minute, two-page essay.

Other experts are not so sure about teens' competence in "real life" English. John Briggs, an English professor at the University of California, Riverside, says that “Though online reading may be thriving, the amount of reading that students do in preparation for college is sinking.” He believes that online writing may cultivate informal use of language but it does not increase kids’ access to formal literature. He says, “Americans have always been informal, but now the informality of precollege culture is so ubiquitous that many...
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