Harley Davidson vs. Honda

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  • Published : July 17, 2012
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Harley Davidson vs. Honda

Find yourself trying to decide which brand of motorcycle you are going to buy? Ever really looked into the brands to see what they represent and how your values align? Sure you can pick the fastest or the most expensive bike out there but what does that really say. Deciding what brand of motorcycle was easy after looking into a couple of other brands available in the area. We’ll start off with Harley Davidson and some of the reasons they stand out in the list of brand name motorcycles on the market followed by Honda. Harley Davidson motorcycles are designed, engineered, assembled and built in U.S.A. They account for over half of all motorcycles sold in the US. Not only are Harley Davidson motorcycles one of the oldest Brands in the US they are also one of the oldest in the world. Aside from the historical details in Harley Davidson’s legacy they are also one of the easiest bikes to work on and easiest to find parts for. There are actually more Harley Davidson Swap meets in any given state on any given day than there are dealers for other brands. When you buy a Harley you are not buying just for the patented sound or the badass look, you are buying something that represents American Heritage and ingenuity. Honda Motorcycles are designed and built in Japan. They are the largest makers of motorcycles in Japan and are also the largest producers of engines worldwide. The Motorcycles they build for the U.S.A are designed for the track. They are known for the best weight to power ratios for any Motorcycle Brand and appeal to the young at heart. Yeah you can buy a supercar that will push 200 mph but you can spend a small portion of that cost and get a motorcycle designed to go that plus some. Not all Motorcycles are made for everyone and everyone has a different need. While Honda Boasts of its speed and power they also build cruisers targeting Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson is also building bikes to compete with Honda street bikes off...
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