Harley Davidson: Sil'K

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Harley Davidson Motor Company: Enterprise Software Selection

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The Criteria:
In order to select the provider of an enterprise –wide procurement and supplier management system the case study deals with two aspects: * Functional criteria and
* Qualitative criteria
The implementation of the new systems, involves the heavy change, which must be understandable, compatible, and it has to adhere with the requirements of the company. The SiL’K (Supplier Information Link) team consciously chose to focus on functional and qualitative criteria in parallel. So they came up with different decision criteria, three of them are: * Understanding the system requirements: The ground rules and goals for the project are well explained and documented by the Information Systems Manager of the SiL’K project and they were sent for the potential software suppliers. The team wanted to get what they need to do, which was decided at the time of forming the project team. “We wanted the best person. Someone who would be thought of as an opinion leader in their organization, someone who was intimate with the existing processes, and who would be a tough customer during implementation should we get that far. We wanted to know that when we were finished, we had the hard sell done already, that these people would be able to influence their organizations to say “Hey, you know this is what we need to do.”(Citation: p.4) * Cost of the project or implementation: The Company considered the economic factors for the project as the SiL’K team doesn’t want seek a full ERP solution, so that the suppliers shouldn’t waste time and money putting additional functionalities to the system at this point of time. “The SiL'K team was explicit about not seeking a full ERP solution, that the scope was well defined, and that suppliers shouldn't waste time pitching additional functionality.” (Citation: p. 9). * Implementation,...
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