Harley Davidson Original Environment

Topics: Harley-Davidson, World War II, Motorcycle Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: January 26, 2013
TO: MBA Professor Ed DeJaegher
From: Anna Swartz
Subject: Harley Davidson Original Environment
Date: 08/16/2012
Business Brief The beginning of Harley Davidson Company
The Harley Davidson (H-D) Company founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in1903 by: * William S. Harley
* Arthur Davidson
* Walter Davidson
* William A. Davidson
William Harley with help from Arthur Davidson planned and constructed in 1901 an engine that attached to a pedal bike. This project failed but in 1904, the first Harley Davidson Motorcycle debuted in the Milwaukee race. In 1913, the Harley Davidson Company moved into an industrial section in Milwaukee. The factory was five stories and gave them the space to produce 16,284 motorcycles that year (History of Harley Davidson Motorcycles, 2012). During World War 1 motorcycles sales declined, however the military order 15,000 bikes for the war, which help Harley Davidson prosper during the war. After the war, they continued to prosper and by the 1920s was the leading company in the motorcycle industry. Dealers in 67 countries sold their motorcycles and they produce over 28,000 bikes a year. In 1921, Harley Davidson had the first motorcycle to win race going over 100 mph (History of Harley Davidson Motorcycles, 2012). Harley Davidson sales declined during the Great Depression from 21,000 bikes produced to 3,703. They were one of the two motorcycles companies to survive the depression. During World War II, they produce over 90,000 motorcycles for the United States military and their allies. Harley Davidson resumed their operation as market leader after the Great War. Reasons Why the Harley Davidson Company Started Declining

In 1952, Harley Davidson started experiencing problems. They were prosecuted by the US government for restrictive practices and this caused damage to their reputation but the following years hurt even more when their motorcycles were...
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