Harlem Homework

Topics: Metaphor, Love, Simile Pages: 4 (1134 words) Published: March 26, 2012

* Of the six images, five are similes. Which is a metaphor? Comment on its position and its effectiveness. “Or crust and sugar over-“ The metaphor helps create the shift in the poen and also gives a deeper meaning of what the poet is trying to say with greater impact.

* What specific denotation has the word “dream”? Since the poem does not reveal the contents of the dreams, the poem is general in its implication. What happens to your understanding of it on learning that its author was a black American? The specific meaning of “dream” is to be in pursuit of something, or a goal on e wants to accomplish. The understanding of the poem reveal some struggles and hopelessness because as a black American in the early 1900s it was difficult to do anything or even aspire to dreams.

“The author to Her Book”

* Vocabulary: haiting, feet, meet, vulgars. Line 3-4 refer to the fact that Bradstreet’s book The Tenth Muse was published in 1650 without her permission. * Haiting : feet or impoerfect
* Meet: to become aquainted with
* Feet : standing position
* Vulgars: ignorance of or lack of good breeding or taste, crude

* The poem is an extended personification addressing her book as a child. What are similarities does the speaker find between a child and a book of poem? What does she plan to do now that her child has ben put on public display? “ill-formed offspring” tells that something was wrong with the baby, but in different connotation saying her book was not finished and had errors. “my rambling brat” would be name for a child that say unmeaning things or talks to much and in this sense her book may have been the one that could’ve had incomplete phrases, or incomplete thoughts. “I stretched thy joints to make thy feet even” suggests that she tried to better the baby by fixing its position but she actually trying to fix her book and its contents. She now plans to take her name off the book or have little to...
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